Crea Round Form 24/28 – Crea Ultex Form 40/45

ProCrea Tech introduces  CREA ROUND FORM and CREA ULTEX FORM, the first Free Form Bifocal designs in the industry. They are blended bifocals available in traditional Round 24/28mm and Ultex 40/45 segment’s width styles. You can make it as any other free form lens, in any index, from a standard single vision blank. All features of other designs are supported including prism, OC decentering, inset, and thickness optimization through precalibration.

Crea Round and Crea Ultex

Crea Round & Crea Ultex form

Design Features

  • All materials
  • Remove your stock
  • Excellent value for money

Technical Specifications for Crea Round 24/28 mm
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