MYOCONTROL is the first smart SV designed by PRO.CREA to control myopia progression.

MYOCONTROL has been designed under the principle of peripheral defocus management.

The key concept is the correction of the peripheral “hyperopic shift” that reduces the advance of eye elongation and, thus, of the myopia progression.

MYOCONTROL focuses on the peripheral hypermetropic defocus, allowing the light to reach the retina (also through ocular rotation).

This allows to slow down the elongation of the eye that, without correction, would have continued the work of accommodation to adapt to the peripheral focal point, causing blurring in the vision of objects at a medium/far distance.

Technical Specifications

Market Segment Single vision to control the myopia progression
Calculation Technology WFRT
Allowed Materials All
Personalization Yes
Precalibration Yes
Prism Ref. Point (PRP) Geometrical Center. Allowed Range 0 – 12 mm
Layout Reference Point (LRP) 0
Max. Diameter 80 mm
Sphere Range -30 / +25 dpt
Cylinder Range -8 / +8 dpt
SV Zone Diameter 9 mm
Transition Zone Radius 17 5mm