Crea Asform

This is a new simple aspheric design particulary suitable to replace the conventional production based on aspheric blanks. No more aspheric blanks stock in your lab, but you can keep offering cheap aspheric lenses other than top quality multi-aspheric customized lenses (Crea Asform) using the same spherical blanks. It is also possible to cut the backside of conventional progressive blanks to offer an aspheric conventional progressive in alternative to backside traditional freeform PALs. Good vision quality at a reasonable cost and the right way to consume your stock of conventionals.

Design Features

  • Replaces aspheric blanks in your stock
  • Provides cheaper alternative
  • To SV personalized FF designs to your customers
  • Provides atorical back surface for traditional progressive blanks

Technical Specifications

Market Segment  Medium to high
Calculation Technology  Standard aspheric
Allowed Materials All
Personalization  No
Precalibration Yes