Mono Vision Age

SINGLE EYE VISION – A special version of premium Age design developed for single eye vision. In the world there are many people affected by single eye vision. As those people do not converge the same way of other people on near vision, standard progressive lenses do not work. ProCrea has developed a special version of its premium Age design with a new  calculation algorithm featured by smaller inset values and based to the weakest ability of those people to converge. The performance is the same as the standard Age design with the optimized inset and guarantees the patient affected by single eye vision optimal performance from distance to near.

Power & Cylinder Maps

Technical Specifications

Market Segment High-end product
Calculation Technology WFRT
Type Adaptive
Allowed Materials All
Additions 0.75 – 4.50 dpt
Corridors 11(13) – 17(20)
Inset 0
Personalization Yes
Precalibration Yes

*Recommended minimum fitting height