Try our demo version of Iself Nav to design the progressive lenses by your self

The ISELFNAV is an innovative app who proposes a wizard in just 10 steps to collect all needed information (from prescription to the lifestyle information) to design the perfect lens. Thanks to ISELF NAV the optician is able to collect all the information regarding the wearer’s lifestyle: job, indoor and outdoor activities, hobbies and so on.

The ISELF NAV is available in two styles, wizard or free:

WIZARD (customer oriented) The optician is able to design the ISELF in only 10 steps! It is required to put all the data of prescription, frame details and, by wearer’s suggestion, lifestyle details. At the end one, among 101 available from extreme soft to extreme hard design, is selected by the calculation and assigned to the wearer.

FREE PROCEDURE (optician oriented) The optician, along with the wearer, chooses and fit the visual zones of the progressive lens to get the best result considering the lifestyle of the wearer. It is possible to choose among 101 available designs.

For both procedures the software shows the final design. The outcome is extremely customized. A comparison with other designs is not feasible.