Crea Help

In your every day life you are engaged with a lot of devices: computer, tablet, smartphone or even a book. Each of these devices stresses your eyes as muscles surrounding the crystalline make a lot of effort to adapt from one device to another, so your vision can be blurred and you can feel uncomfortable.
HELP design is a perfect replacement of a single vision design with a specific correction in the bottom part of the lens that reduces your daily accomodation efforts and avoids pain, dryness and headache.

Crea Help

Power & Cylinder Maps

Design Features

  • Anti Fatigue design
  • Power boost in the bottom
  • Intended for assiduous readers
  • Full field design

Technical Specifications

Market Segment Anti-Fatique lens
Calculation Technology WFRT
Type Full Field Progressive
Allowed Materials All
Power Correction 0.50/0.75/0.90 dpt
Minimum Fitting Height 16 – 18mm
Inset Variable (0 – 4 mm)
Personalization Yes
Precalibration Yes


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