Is the new Free Form Lens Design Software Company from Italy. We were born in 2012 from a group of skilled people with a long-term experience in different fields of the opthalmic industry. We provide exclusive designs, engineered in ITALY for single vision, bifocal and progressive addition lenses to make your independent Lab compete with market’s top players, with high quality products. We’ve developed a new optimization model, called WFRT (Wavefront Ray Tracing Technology), to give your products the best optical quality. All designs follow a long test phase in a real lab environment before being released, in order to find out all possible production issues. Then, the final test is carried out by a group of people with different visual defects, in order to evaluate the real performance of the lenses. Thanks to our wide lab experience, we provide full support service, not only for calculation-related issues, but also for cutting, polishing and engraving. We bring Italian style into the global Free Form market for your new experience with digital lenses. The made-in-Italy designs for your Lab.

As of today we also sell premium rx lenses! Made in our top quality lab with our premium designs.