Crea Room

The new exclusive office lens with a  completely renovated concept. Instead of degression now one can choose the maximum depth of field of the lens based on personal requirements. A wide range of depth of fields is available: from 0,5m to 4mt, in steps of 0,5m. The design is automatically optimized for the selected value. it is easier now, even for opticians, to order an office lens at your lab. It is only necessary to know the user’s work environment and create the “virtual room” accordingly.












Power & Cylinder Maps



Design Features

  • Office/ Computer Design
  • Provides exact degression based on required depth of field
  • Near and intermediate use

Technical Specifications

Market segment Office/Computer lens
Calculation Technology Nominal Power
Type Soft
Allowed Material All
Additions 0.75 – 3.50 dpt
Degression Auto
Depth of Field Variable (within 33 cm – 4mt range)
Minimum fitting Height 15 mm
Inset Variable 0-4 mm
Personalization No
Precalibration Yes