Crea AT

Crea AT is the exclusive Single Vision Free Form Design provided by ProCrea.

Based on the WFRT® Technology, it minimizes oblique errors to give clear vision on every gaze direction.

Thanks to the special form of the surface, final lenses result thinner and lighter, even compared to traditional aspheric designs.

Noticeable  improvement will be noted by users with high prescriptions or in case of special frames, such as sport glasses, where higher base curves are needed.

Personalization parameters, including user data and frame specifications, are required to achieve a compensated prescription and the maximum performance.

Single Vision Free Form Design - Crea AT

Single Vision Free Form Design - Crea AT

The graph above shows the performance comparison between a conventional lens and a Crea AT lens of -5.00D CR-39 when viewing away from optical center.

Design Features
  • High-End Design
  • Oblique Errors Minimization
  • Ideal for High Plus & Minus Prescriptions

Technical Specifications

Market Segment High-end product
Calculation Technology WFRT
Allowed Materials All
Personalization Yes
Precalibration Yes