Crea Free Form LDS

Crea Free Form LDS is the ProCrea’s on line calculation system. It is based on a powerful redundant Linux cluster and it is hosted on an high-bandwidth server farm located in Italy.

Customers use the Crea Free Form Client on their server to establish an SSL connection with the Crea Free Form LDS and exchange calculation files.

The system follows the guidelines of the “VCA Data Communication Standard v3.08” for LDS file exchange and processing.

The following calculation features are shared among all available designs.

Best Ellipse Calculation

When you provide a frame shape the best ellipse is calculated to optimize center thickness.

Automatic Inset and Corridor

On PALs, the optimum inset and corridor length choices are based both on frame and user parameters.

Unwanted astigmatism minimization

The lowest level of unwanted astigmatism is guaranteed on PALs based on prescription addition.


A bundle of images can be requested for each job, including thicknesses preview and power/cylinder maps on final shape.