Crea Family Short

When you have a small frame, you need a good short corridor design and Crea Family Short is the ideal product.

It is a basic design with 12mm corridor and minimum fitting height of 14mm.

The special design concept behind it allows to keep a good performance for distance and near zones and a generous corridor width, despite its shortness.

Unwanted astigmatism, as well, is reduced to the minimum.

Calculation is based on nominal power.

Crea Family Short

Power & Cylinder Maps

Design Features
  • Basic Design
  • Short Corridor
  • Optimized for Small Frames
  • Minimum Unwanted Astigmatism


Technical Specifications

Market Segment Basic product
Calculation Technology Nominal Power
Type Soft
Allowed Materials All
Additions 0.75-3.50dpt
Corridors 12(14*) mm
Inset Variable 0-4mm (only based on power)
Personalization No
Precalibration Yes

*Recommended minimum fitting height