Crea Arya

Advanced pal

Optimization by individual habits

Immersive VR experience

Arya begins a new era of progressive lens customization. Thanks to EYESHUTTLE new visual experience within the Metaverse, clients will be immersed in an engaging “virtual universe”, allowing them to customize ARYA power distribution, based on their own vision habits. Clients will actively participate in the ARYA design process, they will not just buy a lens.

Let them join the metaverse and live a customer experience never seen before, this progressive lens will stand out from the others!

EYE-SHUTTLE eye-tracking sensors assess eyes and head motions in a 3D environment. The result is a frequency map representing the most frequently used lens zones. Computing all these data, optical power can be redistributed according to gaze dynamics of the user, making ARYA much more comfortable than a standard progressive lenses.

You will no longer need questionnaires to hypothesize which lens areas clients use the most; now you will finally be able to measure it in real time, in the 3D space.