Crea Family

Crea Family is a basic PAL Design intended for general use.

The distribution of power is smooth and well balanced, as Crea Single design, and guarantees good performance in any environment.

Unwanted astigmatism is reduced to the minimum and pushed to the parts of the lens that are, most of the times, beveled out.

It is easy to sell for the practioner, as it completely complies with the prescription.

Calculation is based on nominal power.

Crea Family

Power & Cylinder Maps

 Design Features
  • Basic Design
  • Intended for General Use
  • Balanced & Smooth Distribution
  • Minimum Unwanted Astigmatism


Technical Specifications

Market Segment Basic product
Calculation Technology Nominal Power
Type Soft
Allowed Materials All
Additions 0.75-4.00dpt
Corridors 14(16*)-16(18*)-18(20*) mm
Inset Variable 0-4mm (only based on power)
Personalization No
Precalibration Yes

*Recommended minimum fitting height