Crea Desk

DESK is an occupational design intended for intermediate and near use, such as computer or reading. It expands these specific visual fields featuring a very low unwanted astigmatism level, swim effect and lateral distortion.
It is, as well, a soft design with an almost immediate adaption.
Besides, the specific power distribution helps user to work in its natural posture, reducing also back and head movements.
You can let the software choose the right degression by choosing your depth of field or you can manually select your desired degression. A table of equivalences is provided below to ease your choice.

Degression recommended

Add -0.75 -1.25 -1.75 -2.25
0.75 infinite
1.00 4m
1.25 2m
1.5 1.33m 4m
1.75 2m
2.00 1.33m 4m
2.25 2m
2.50 1.33m 4m
2.75 2m
3.00 1.33m
3.25 1m
3.50 0.80m
Crea Desk

Power & Cylinder Maps

Design Features

  • Office Design
  • Intermediate and near use
  • Very low unwanted astigmatism

Technical Specifications

Market segment Office/Computer lens
Calculation Technology Nominal Power
Type Soft
Allowed Material All
Additions 0.75 – 3.50 dpt
Variable Degression 0.50 – 2.75 dpt
Depth of Field Variable (within 33 cm – 4mt range)
Minimum fitting Height 15 mm
Inset Variable 0-4 mm (only based on power)
Personalization No
Precalibration Yes

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