Crea Single

Crea Single is the high-end PAL design provided by ProCrea.

It is calculated with WFRT® (Wavefront Ray Tracing Technology), in order to improve quality of vision on every gaze direction and drastically reduce aberrations on periphery. Every point  along the corridor is optimized with variable object distance.

The smooth and balanced distribution of power across the surface gives superior comfort.

Unwanted astigmatism is minimized in critical areas, like distance and near zones, and the corridor, and pushed out to the parts of the lens that are, most of the times, beveled out.

Personalization parameters, including user data and frame specifications, are required for maximum performance.

Crea Single

Power & Cylinder Maps

Design Features
  • High-End Design
  • Clear Vision on Periphery
  • Balanced & Smooth Distribution
  • Minimum Unwanted Astigmatism
  • Personalization Parameters

Technical Specifications

Market Segment High-end product
Calculation Technology WFRT
Type Soft
Allowed Materials All
Additions 0.75 – 4.00 dpt                                                                                Minimum Fitting Height 13-16-18-20mm                                                          Near Ref. Point (NRP) 11-14-16-18mm
Inset Variable (0-4mm)
Personalization Yes
Precalibration Yes