ANIMA, Revolutionary Progressive Lens Design

In recent years, ProCrea Tech has developed new technologies that focus on exceeding the high market standards for progressive lens designs. The most innovative and high impact ones are definitely “DNA Patch Calculation” and “AI Technology”. Both of these algorithms integrate seamlessly with ProCrea’s FreeForm ecosystem, allowing further optimization of progressive power calculations. In fact, ProCrea utilizes a layer-based calculation system, which allows individual algorithms to combine, making the resulting surface more and more optimal at each step.

DNA Patch Calculation technology is based on a mathematical model that optimizes freeform computing by processing localized microscopic areas of the lens periphery. Since Since this algorithm focuses on a microscopic level, it allows significant improvement in the periphery of the lens, enhancing the wearer’s experience and reducing the “sway effect” caused by aberrations.

Artificial intelligence technology, on the other hand, is a generalized optimization of dioptric calculations. This self-learning algorithm focuses on securing lens functional areas size and quality improving the periphery optical performance, reducing aberrations.

These new technologies enrich ProCrea’s freeform ecosystem, which reaches its highest expression with ANIMA design. For these reasons ANIMA benefits from all the finest mathematical surface optimizations and therefore has fewer peripheral aberrations. In fact, the cylinder power map shows low lateral values, which means that the wearer will benefit from faster adaptation and will not have to massively adjust his neural reading motor patterns in order to wear the lens. The low cylinder values also have less impact on the wearer’s vestibular balance system, ensuring a natural and confident walk.

ANIMA is a progressive high-end design with revolutionary technology, embodying all the surface optimisations ever achieved by ProCrea, both on a generalised and microscopic level. These optimisations significantly upgrade wearer’s experience through natural and quick lens adaptation. All independent laboratories can access these revolutionary technologies thanks to ANIMA, and offer an optimised high-end progressive lens that is extremely competitive in the market.

Link to product: Anima.

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